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Welcome to The Land of Anticipation, Timed Tactics And Gruelling Abstruseness. Attaga is a country with 40 cities and villages with a strong need for a fast, reliable and high comfort railway network. The inhabitants happiness depends on you! This railway strategy game will guide you through the process of decision-making while building your own rail network, operating it & keeping it maintained. 

Cities have to be connected in an ever-changing setting, and you will need to deal with wear, capacity, developments and disturbances. The performance of your railway system over time is based on choices and priorities made and set by you as the player, within an increasingly complex situation.

Develop your network and see cities grow

Develop your network
and see cities grow

The land of Attaga three isometric game cities growing in size
The land of Attaga two largest isometric game cities

Take control of the grid

Missions & assignments: Find your next mission and see what you have accomplished so far. Financial rewards give you possibilities to develop your network faster.

Events: Get updates on city growth, track status and local weather circumstances. Where did a track break down and which area needs your attention?

City overview: Oversee all cities and villages on the map with local properties to make correct decisions and set priorities and check if there is a passing station. Use the Connect button to create a new connection or extend an exiting line from a selected city, choosing type of track, train frequency and number of switches.

Track overview: Get a list of all your tracks and check their fail rate. Use monitoring trains to get more detailed information on the status of your tracks. Maintain your tracks but be aware that this costs time and you only have three crews at your disposal.

Line overview: Find all created lines with start and end station. Update the frequency to meet the changing demand, as more people start using your network.

Control & monitoring: Gain knowledge on your track status by buying and updating a monitoring train and upgrade your control system for higher train frequency.

See the game in action

The land of attaga animated railway line

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