3D playground


It was around 1995 when I got my 4-year old hands on a Nintendo NES with Super Mario Bros. I got hooked instantly and started playing a lot of different games. This sparked a deep fascination for visuals and design.

Fast-forwarding 20 years, I was still wondering how they made 3D games. One evening I decided to try out Cinema4D, and I’ve been playing with it ever since.

3D render making off image showing how a 3D bedroom was created in 4 stages
3D render making off image showing how a 3D space scene was created in 4 stages
3D render variety of pokeballs from pokemon on tile surface
3D render pixel voxel sandshakers pepper and salt grain shaped
3D render pixel loading saltshaker
3D render human head with hole in face showing a contained cell
3D render photorealistic Nintendo NES controller
3D render photorealistic Nintendo NES console
3D render abstract metal spider shape on checkerboard floor surrounded by marbles
3D render of a nintendo Nes console turned into a toaster that's making toast
3D render glowing neon chaotic light shape contained in a glass box
3D render abstract fractal with particles
3D render abstract floating metal balls with cut outs
3D render purple marble on moon surface with lightbeams surrounded by a metal grid
3D render ominous looking red metal spheric droid with four legs
3D render woman floating among organic blue and pink shapes
3D render fractal sandstone landscape near lake
3D render glowing pink and purple staircase with a cutout in the middle showing a metal ball
3D render abstract floating fractal island
3D render metatron with complex shapes and geometry
3D render hard rock cafe american coffee jar
3D render grim office space
3D render isometric living room with furniture
3D render isometric metal cube with light beams
3D render floating ash rock with gold chunks and pebbles on the ground
3D render slice of water wit sunken cube and rubber duck floating on the water
3D render human face looking like cut up in cube dices being extruded
3D render lightbeam in abstract city
3D render isometric low poly slice of earth

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