3D playground


It was around 1995 when I got my 4-year old hands on a Nintendo NES with Super Mario Bros. I got hooked instantly and started playing a lot of different games. This sparked a deep fascination for visuals and design.

Fast-forwarding 20 years, I was still wondering how they made 3D games. One evening I decided to try out Cinema4D, and I’ve been playing with it ever since.

3D render breakdown of bedroom
3D render breakdown of astronaut in space
3D render Nintendo NES controller
3D render Nintendo NES console
3D render toaster in Nintendo NES style
3D render pokemon pokeballs
3D render moving rubics cube
3D render pokemon pokeballs 2
3D render salt shaker
3D render salt shaked
3D render male face with device instead of head
3D render mechanical spider
3D render floating metal spheres
3D render abstract glass box with neon sculpture
3D render abstract particles
3D render mech
3D render abstract pearl in space
3D render floating woman on sculpture
3D render abstract neon stairs
3D render fractal landscape
3D render green fractal
3D render coffee pot
3D render metatron
3D render unsettling office cubicles
3D render isometric cube
3D render isometric living room
3D render abstract rock
3D render cube of water with rubber duck
3D render isometric landscape
3D render abstract city neon
3D render seaside architecture
3D render male face out of cubes

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